General Meeting

Participation in General Meetings

To participate in the General Meetings (by being there in person or by being represented by a proxy), you must prove that you are a shareholder by providing a copy of your share registration no later than midnight on the second day preceding the date on which the Meeting is held (Paris time) :

  • in accounts of registered securities held for TERREIS by its agent CACEIS Corporate Trust ; or
  • in bearer accounts held by the broker with whom your account is registered

1 – If you wish to attend a Meeting in person:

You must have an admission ticket, which can be obtained as follows :

  • For registered shareholders: by sending your request to TERREIS at the address below
    11 avenue Paul Langevin
    92350 Le Plessis Robinson, France
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • For holders of bearer shares: by sending your request to your broker. Upon receipt of your request, he will issue a confirmation which he will attach to your admission application. He will send both documents to TERREIS at the above address.

TERREÏS will send you your admission card by post, or, if the deadline is too close, your admission card will be available for you at the reception desk at the General Meeting.

2 – If you cannot attend a Meeting in person:

If you cannot attend the General Meeting in person, you may register your vote by being represented by any people of your choice, by submitting a postal vote, or by assigning your proxy to the Chair of the meeting (Président) and filling in the form provided for that purpose.

You must send your request to TERREIS (contact details above) at least six days before the date of the Meeting. The voting form can also be downloaded from the TERREIS website ( under the 'General Meeting' heading.

  • For registered shareholders: The fulfilled form shall be return directly to TERREIS at the above address.
  • For holders of bearer shares: The fulfilled form shall be returned to your broker who will issue a confirmation and send both documents to TERREÏS.

For your application to be accepted, TERREIS must receive it no later than three days before the General Meeting.

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